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DADA Finance
Dada Finance is your safest access to the Bitcoin mining industry. Our decentralized finance platform offering access to on-chain and off-chain investment.

Crypto Market Value Hits Record $1T, Here Comes the Liquidity Provider to the Real-Economy

In an epic crypto boom, DADA Finance is the only DeFi platform that does not profit from just loaning and trading, but by growing real value in the real economy —Bitcoin, Ethereum mining, and more, with…

Hello and happy new year! We are proud to say, in Q4 2020, we completed the raising and governance of 5 mining projects on DADA Finance.

A total of 459,000 USDT were raised through All the fund managers have received approval from the investors to kick start the projects.

The legacy derivatives have futures markets, where the investors long and short the stock to lock in the profits before a rally or a crash. …

In an arena set with negative real interest rates, fund managers and retail investors are racing to the fastest horse under the profit-maximizing strategy.

Paul Tudor Jones wrote in a note he titled “the Great Monetary Inflation”, “The best profit-maximizing strategy is to own the fastest horse,” the founder of…

Kenny Ge, investor and founder of DADA, speaking about thriving in an increasingly consolidated, institutionalized mining space.

On Nov. 24th, DADA investor, veteran miner Kenny Ge spoke about the consolidation phase mining space is witnessing and his solutions at the BEYOND-2020 Blockchain Industry Summit and Awards Ceremony in Shenzhen.

Roughly a thousand representatives from the top DeFi platforms, exchanges, well-known mining companies, fintech institutes, investment funds, and…

Cut Through the Black Box: investing in the Crypto Mining Biz

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The crypto space has moved into a new era since last October. US-China trade declined. The institutional money in both the U.S. and China compete to look for new investment opportunities. …

DADA Finance

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